Actors are just entertainers, maybe! But for that love of yours, they decide to do impossible things. For that whistle, they are ready to jump in the fire without the safety harness. That’s the commitment they show towards their profession and it’s their love for their fans. Today we are going to talk about some amazing Indian actors who suffered a major accident on the set during filming. Ranking this would be cruel on our part, but as the list progresses, the accidents and the impact does get severe. Sometimes even ending up in death. So you have been warned.

So Let’s Take A Look At Indian Actors Who Were Seriously Injured During Filming

10. Ranveer Singh

Gunday is a romantic film starring Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Priyanka Chopra. Ranveer Singh suffered an injury in December 2012 when he was shooting for the film. It was not an action scene, but a dance sequence. Ranveer came crashing down on the platform when he lost his balance and ended up on his face. He suffered a gash on his cheek. He needed a couple of stitches, but he continued shooting.

Indian, Actor, injured, filming, entertainers

9. Neil Nitin Mukesh

Neil injured himself while shooting for Abbas-Mustan thriller ‘Players’. He ended up getting four fractures and a broken finger.

Indian, Actor, injured, filming, entertainers

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8. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya, unfortunately, met an accident while rehearsing a scene for the film ‘Khakee’. A jeep was supposed to come and stop at 20 feet away, but the driver lost control and hit her badly. She got a fracture on her left leg.

Indian, Actor, injured, filming, entertainers