8 Times When The Indian Police Force And Its Officers Led By Example


The Indian police is the guardian of the laws and the guardian of our welfare. This means that we fulfill our roles well enough that the task of protecting us is not impacted. It works hard to raise awareness of each new rule that governs us and keep us people informed of it.

But some of the force’s officers and factions go far beyond that. In order to ensure that we, the people of India, are protected from harm and that we never fail to do our part, they will run with a bomb in their hands and fold their hands in prayer.

Here are 11 examples that illustrate how, in recent times, the police department has led by example.

1. Mumbai cop who saved victims from Kamala Mill Fire Tragedy


The town was spoken about by a police constable carrying a woman on his back from a restaurant that was reduced to ashes during the Kamla Mill fire tragedy. The constable in the picture is Sudarshan Shinde, who, along with his other colleagues, was one of the first to reach the location. He was trying to get the three victims out of the charred complex. Each time, he climbed seven floors to carry them down.

2. When Hyderabad police officer saved a kidnapped baby


Nampally Police Station Inspector R Sanjay Kumar and his force rescued a four-month-old boy 15 hours after he was abducted. With the aid of CCTV video, the police arrested the culprits and returned the child to his mother. On social media, this heartwarming picture of Inspector Kumar nd the baby sharing a smile has been trending for days.

3. When an Andhra cop pleaded with a repeat traffic offender with folded hands

Good law enforcement knows no ego. A cop in Andhra Pradesh (AP) pleaded with a serial traffic criminal to see meaning when it all failed. In “total resignation, helplessness and frustration,” the cop folded his hands. Yet he was confident that the suspect had learned to take responsibility for his life and that of his family.

4. When UP police celebrated Karwa Chauth

UP police in Lucknow distributed helmets on Karwa Chauth to all the wives of men who were threatened to ride their two-wheelers without safety equipment. The helmets were issued as a mark of warning to fasting women and to raise awareness of road safety.

5. When Delhi police challenged Ravana


The rule extends to all, and when Delhi police questioned actor Mukesh Rishi, who was found riding without a helmet on Harley Davidson, this was clear. The actor was en route to the place where he would play Ravana’s character on stage. The actor, caught near India Gate, was fined Rs. 100 and he went to the headquarters of the Delhi Police to pay the fine.

6. When a Kashmiri policeman saved 10 security personnel during a grenade attack 


The policeman was sitting in a mobile bulletproof shelter when a militant hurled a grenade as part of a joint CRPF-J&K police squad at Batpora Chowk, Sopore. It dropped on the cop’s lap, and he threw it on the road without fearing for his life, saving the lives of 10 security guards.

7. When UP Police filed a case against a school after a 9-year-old girl’s molestation


When they lodged a lawsuit against a school’s staff, including the principal, after a bus driver allegedly molested a 9-year-old girl, UP police set a great example. After the girl’s father is withdrawn his complaint under pressure, they acted on their own. The police booked and detained the conductor under separate parts of the IPC.

8. When a railway policeman saved a 50-year-old woman from falling to her death


At Nalasopara station in Mumbai, a quick-thinking railway cop rescued a woman from falling into a crevice between a platform and a moving train. The woman had lost her balance, but the Railway Police Force officer heroically rescued her. With minor injuries, she escaped.