4. Calida

This was way back in 1998. How awkward to witness in those times a print ad where Dino Morea is pulling down Bipasha Basu’s underwear with his teeth? Not something to be forgotten by people and much talked about at least! The photos were banned after various Women Organisations reported and was looked down upon as some private moments that were too much to share for a Switzerland based Underwear company.

5. Ford Figo

How often does a brand need to apologise for their print ad? This is the worst case! “Leave your worries behind with Figo’s extra-large boot,” was the tagline and featured a cartoon showing three women tied in the rear of a vehicle driven by Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister. Ironically this print ad came when Indian’s women were fighting against sexual violence and abuse. JWT India created the cartoon keeping in mind the recent outrages but it got backfired leading to reports against the brand!

6. Manforce Condoms

The time when Manforce took it too far! Sunny Leone posing in one of her best ways and reaching for black grapes on a beach was not well received by society. The sex appeal in the video was looked down upon! CPI leader Atul Anjan and Ex-DCW chief Barkha Singh called for a ban on it alleging that “such ads increase rapes in the country.”