7. Motorola

You must be surprised to know that this ad never made it to the television. With the tagline ‘Gottchamoto’ this very weird ad showcased some serious social issues that were not well discussed back in 2008.


8. Lux Cozi

They suffered a similar fate to Amul Macho. The video started with a man wearing his towel and chasing a dog while he drops it. At that instant, a woman arrives who gives him a look and thanks him for finding her dog. The ad ends with the brand tagline “Apna Luck Pehen Ke Chalo!”. As usual, the ad was seen as a very shabby and stupid representation of product line. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned this ad on grounds of being vulgar.

9. Wild Stone Deo

Wild Stone was not a well-known brand back in 2007 but became famous in the market due to their controversial television ad campaign. The video saw a Bengali woman who meets a man during Durga Puja celebrations and gets turned on due to the video and ends up having sex with him. The ad never got banned but was censored a lot.


10. AC Black Apple Juice

The company specially came up with this ad to feature it between the Cricket World Cup ad breaks. But something else was waiting for them. The ad showcased a man sitting in a bar and enjoying an apple juice while checking out a girl. With each sip, the neckline of the girl went down. This was not well received back in 2007 as the ad was completely taken down and the company suffered financially.

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