Influencer Gets Creepy Email Asking For ‘Hookup Services’, Internet Is Traumatised


Worldwide, harassment of women is a regular occurrence. Everything in our society is designed so that women wind up at the centre of such humiliating incidents, from texts to comments. A repulsive email was one such instance that infuriated people online.

Dhruvi Parmar, a digital artist on Twitter who is 21 years old, revealed that a follower’s email lately caused her much distress. “How characterless you must be to email someone this,” she wrote. I’M SO DONE,” she wrote along with a screenshot of the email she once discovered in her inbox.


Man Asks Influencer Her ‘Charges’ In Creepy Email

An individual by the name of Hardik Chauhan proposed to pay the influencer “fees” in return for her “services” in the email. The follower described himself as a fan of hers from Instagram who had been drawn to her “boldness” in the email. He said that like the influencer, who is from Ahmedabad, he is from Gujarat. He inquired as to whether the creator offered other “services” except reels and Instagram.


He continued by inquiring if she provided any personal services, such as “casual hookup ones.” The user inquired about her charges and the “fee” for such an encounter without much regret. After that, he adds a tone-deaf disclaimer, saying, “I didn’t mean to upset you in any way; I only wanted to know whether you were.

The Screenshot Of The Email Soon Went Viral And The Post Garnered Over 300K Views

With over 300K views, the email screenshot has since gone viral on Twitter. The guy fan’s behaviour was totally repugnant to the internet community. A person posted, “Bhai, what do you mean by Apni Zindagi? How did that log do?”

In order to report the man, one user advised the influencer: “I’m very sorry this had to happen to you. I just wanted to let you know that this is a crime that can be prosecuted and that you can report it online at Your local police station will get the complaint for further action. Please be cautious.”