These Insane Looking Jeans Internet Is Going Crazy Over


Jeans has been in fashion trend since a long back as it makes you look damn sexy. Spending a lot of money on jeans makes us feel guilty but it’s all worth when it triggers your self-esteem everytime you wear them it’s like you own them. It’s always your go-to partner wherever it is whether it is a night out or a party you always feel comfortable and sexy in them.

It doesn’t happen often for a pair of jeans to make the internet go crazy for it, but this particular pair did it! This is said to in respect of new designer jeans brought out by Fashion Nova. If you are looking for some insane pair that will completely be going to change your look then you need to have a look at these by Fashion Nova.

Have a look at these pair of jeans that internet is going crazy over!

Made up of light blue denim and white strings these Wild Thang Lace Up Pants are introduced by Fashion Nova. But people are wondering what type of underwear they are supposed to wear with these jeans so that they can rock the look.

Anyone who wishes to add these jeans in their wardrobe the prices are £36.40. People were quick to share their opinions about it.

The comments of the people included:-

“Hahaha oh dear, I think this is how u tie up a roast [sic],” said one of the commenters.

Another person shared: “Oh noooooo, this has to be a sick joke.”

“HAHAHAHAHA I saw this yesterday and got [a] shock too! How do you even get into it?” said a third commenter. Then someone said: “Ok I get irritated hearing older people always like why would I pay for ripped clothes and I’m just like it’s fashion but this has gone too far I can get some shorts and yarn bam $5 total these “pants” are probably like $30.”

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There were not only negative comment but also some positive comments,

One of them said “Neeeed these!”

“OMG I want these so bad,” said another.

These are no doubt sexy and attractive making people going crazy for it.