Instagram Model Deletes Her Account After Going Viral For A Bikini Photo


You just can’t get away with being a troublesome person in 2019. Until you sincerely regret sharing the selfie that revealed your overwhelming sense of ignorance or privilege, the internet will call you out and cuss you. I mean, the value of being socially sensitive should be recognized by all people’s Instagram “influencers,” but a whole bunch of these guys doesn’t seem to be aware of this little reality.

We have a new addition to the social media list of idiotic influencers and you wouldn’t believe what she had the audacity to write. Knowing that I live in an age where these are the role models of society really makes me re-think my whole life.

Here are some of the most extreme public scandals

Olivia Jade

From her appearance on Instagram or from her YouTube channel, @OliviaJade, where she will share videos of beauty and lifestyle, you can recall Olivia. Or, better yet, maybe you just know her as the daughter of Lori Loughlin.

She was doing pretty well for herself.

With Sephora, she managed to start her own make-up line and had brand endorsement deals with brands such as Estee Lauder.

But when the news emerged that she was cheating on her way to Southern California University, everything began to go downhill.

Olivia’s mother, Lori, had paid a healthy amount of five hundred thousand dollars to the rowing coach, according to court records, so that her daughter could be admitted into university as an athlete … Hm …

At number two, we have Yovana Mendoza aka Rawvana.

It’s a classic example of mass exploitation.

Yovana was best known for her veganism online.

Her YouTube channel consisted of a variety of videos, from nutritious breakfast beverages to an entire Thanksgiving Vegan Meal, highlighting the benefits of a vegan diet.

So what did she do?

Yovana appeared in another YouTuber’s video with a plate of fish in front of her before revealing what happened in her personal life that meant she had to give up the vegan diet.

Not the right way of letting your fans know that…

And the reasons she was no longer vegan were discussed in her incredibly thorough apology video.

She described issues with her health that had emerged as a result of the lack of animal proteins in her diet in a thirty-three-minute video titled “This is what is happening.” This included such topics as the fact that she had started menstruating and her small intestine problems.

In at number 3 of the problematic bunch, we have Emma Hallberg.

I remember when this scandal broke out late last year. It sparked a global debate about the social problems of extreme tanning, cosmetic surgery, and people’s overall lack of empathy for black people.

As a bla-ck woman, this nineteen-year-old was essentially posing online.

It looked like Emma was going to be mistaken for a bla-ck person. She tanned her skin until it was a rich, caramel-colored color, curled her hair until it was almost frizzy, and wrapped her lips in a constant full pout.

Next up, we’ve got Logan Paul.

Yeah, the dreaded name needs to appear on this list. We all know this guy as the YouTuber who, with one horrendous video, utterly destroyed his career.

The posted video showed just what you would expect to find in a forest of sui-cides.

The video, which was deleted immediately after the backlash ensued, was titled “In the Japanese Suic-ide Forest we found a dea-d body…”

For a video targeted at a bunch of teenagers, not a promising word.

Let’s speak about Belle Gibson now.

Yeah, we’ve heard about cheating, sui-cide, and borderline racism, so what else could we miss? Oh yeah, the word ‘C’.

Natalie Schlater is the most recent “influencer” to ruin their profession.

Pictures of a bikini are cute to share when you’re in Bali on holiday. “You can prove that you have the time of your beach life, but after she wrote a “narcissistic” caption on her post in a rice field, this Instagrammer was forced to delete her account.

What’s wrong with it? May you ask…

We’re used to splattering these kinds of images around social media sites, but you still haven’t seen one combined with this sort of caption. Here’s what Schlater wanted to write about:

Thinking about how different my life is from a man picking every morning in a rice field.

She reflected on the issue saying that because she “looks black,” her chances don’t come to her.

Because of the color of my face, I don’t get my sponsorships, job opportunities, and partnerships,” she continued.” “Due to the way I style my clothes and build my make-up looks, I get it.”

Some may say that this was just her personal “beauty” concept and that she went for it but I don’t agree with that.

It poses so many social concerns, including the fact that she will never have to face the stresses that real black people have to face on a regular basis, even though she looks black.

Some also accused her of “racial appropriation” and “blackface.”