20 Interesting Pics That Were Taken At The Right Time


If possessing a camera automatically qualifies someone as a photographer, then anyone who uses Photoshop should be considered an artist. The art of photography is about capturing moments worth millions of words, not about pressing a button on a high-end camera. There are innumerable photo galleries online, but only a few have accurately expressed photography’s true philosophy.

Perfectly timed images are deserving of accolades, from optical illusions to humorous moments of fate. We’ve put together an intriguing gallery of 20 stunning images snapped at the right moment. The majority are amusing, and a few are truly spectacular, as they were meticulously captured by expert photographers who perfectly coordinated the shot. While serving the laugh-out-loud recipe, they’re sure to make you look twice. The proper combination of luck and timing can be simply amazing. Take a peek around!

‘I Will Just Take This’

rossjeffnards -Via

A Split Second Before Doom

APurpleTRex -Via

‘My Brother Lost His Phone On A Roller Coaster Years Ago. We reasoned that there was no way of knowing when. Then she saw the photo of the ride.’

moonshine12 -Via

In the 1940s, Grandfather and three brothers. Windsor is a city in Ontario, Canada.

bfrickey -Via

The Hard Way to Learn!

Mustard_SG -Via

‘How My Brother’s Phone Camera Captured The Lightning Flash’

AmericanSpaghetti -Via

When You’re Trying To Take A Relaxed Outfit Selfie

ohcarroll -Via

A Giant Dog Runs Through A Newly Plowed Street

Miko54 -Via

The tree gives the impression that the guy has an afro.

Speeider -Via

That’s Creepy

MotherKokoNutz -Via

Our Furbabies and Us in a Typical Family Photo

xmoana -Via


theblueshad0w -Via

‘Due to the timing of this image, it appears that my nephew is a waterbender.’

KellJoy -Via

‘She Landed On My Shoulder’

alsatianson -Via

‘That Parrot Used To Be My Friend’s Favorite’

sause246 -Via

In This Blizzard, There Is A Dog

Calcanius -Via

‘Simultaneous Lightning Strikes On Chicago’s Three Tallest Buildings’

dhruveishp -Via

Performing a Black Magic Trick by a Cat

greengeorgi -Via

It Has Since Been Relocated!

mldljns -Via