Swamy Reveals 21 Secret Bank Accounts Of Karti, Accuses Finance Ministry Of Shielding Chidambarams

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Swamy Reveals 21 Secret Bank Accounts Of Karti, Accuses Finance Ministry Of Shielding Chidambarams

Subramanian Swamy in a press conference today put out in public a list of 21 secret bank accounts which he alleges belong to the former Finance Minister and top Congress leader P. Chidambaram’s son Karti.

Swamy told the media that these accounts were not declared by Karti Chidambaram in an election affidavit he filed while contesting the 2014 general election. One of the accounts, Swamy said, was actually in Karti’s name and he still didn’t disclose that to the Election Commission. This is an “open & shut offense”, he added.

These foreign bank accounts were not declared to Income Tax authorities by Karti or his parent Indian companies. These accounts are at various foreign banks like Barclays Bank in Monaco, Metro Bank in the UK, Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, OCBC in Singapore, HSBC in UKDeutsche Bank in France, UBS in Switzerland, Wells Fargo Bank in California etc.

In a press release, Swamy expressed his shock at the inaction by the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate despite these agencies having details of the undeclared foreign bank accounts of Karthi Chidambaram and of the companies that he controls.

Known for his no holds barred attitude, Swamy didn’t spare his own party’s government at the center and accused the finance ministry of not being serious in pursuing the corruption cases against the Chidambaram. He says:

Mr. Karthi Chidambaram has to be prosecuted under Section l3(l)(d)(iii) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA) along with his father Mr. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, had enabled his son in various illegal acts to amass huge amount of funds illegally abroad and which were deposited in his own name or the companies that he controls. Instead, the BJP in Rajya Sabha has tried to push through an Amendment Bill to delete this very Section 13(1)(d)(iii) from the PCA, so that Mr. Chidambaram and his son can go scot free.

Press Release

Swamy announced that he will move an amendment to the bill in Rajya Sabha to nullify this.

Going after the finance ministry, he said that the reason PM Modi’s demonetisation drive didn’t bring the desired results is because of ‘lack of back up the support of the Ministry of Finance’.

When asked if Prime Minister Modi was not acting despite given these proofs, Swamy said that he writes to the PM and he acts but the problem lies with civil servants in the Finance Ministry whose sympathies he alleges still are with the Congress party.

In response to Dr. Swamy’s allegations, Karthi Chidambaram has tweeted.

Dr. Swamy has also put in public his letter to the Prime Minister written four days ago regarding the undisclosed bank accounts of Karti.






Source: swarajyamag.com