“I’ve Just Made A Genuine Offer To Pay Off School’s Entire Dinner Debt ‘So Kids Don’t Go Hungry’”


After hearing that children are forced to go hungry if their parents fail to pay for school meals, the internet personality Man Behaving Dadly tweeted Ysgol Dyffryn in Penygroes, Gwynedd, Wales. Simon Harris, a father of four, offered to pay off their £1,800 ($2,415) debt so that students would not go hungry.

After hearing from the headmaster, who directed the kitchen not to feed students who hadn’t paid, he volunteered to pay.


After the school became in debt as a result of parents failing to pay their children’s meal fees, headmaster Neil Foden took drastic measures. The headmaster wrote to parents, explaining that debts of more than one penny would result in the child not being fed, and that parents had until November 19 to pay them off.

Marcus Rashford, an England star, had criticised the school, which has around 450 students.


“Has the pandemic not taught us anything?” the MU player tweeted. Can’t we all just get along? “Now, come on…”

Foden emphasised that this was not their preferred course of action, but they had come to this conclusion after much deliberation. “We don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush,” he continued, “but honestly, those parents who can pay but refuse to pay, something needs to be done.”

“All I care about is putting this nonsense to rest and feeding the kids,” the gentleman added.


“We could all sit here and talk about ‘parents who can afford it but won’t pay’ and ‘parents spending the cash on anything else they want instead’ until the cows come home,” Harris told a local paper.

“One difficulty at a time,”

“Extend Free School Meals To ALL UK SCHOOL PUPILS,” Simon has also established a petition. It has received almost 10,000 signatures.