Jennifer Lopez wears a thong above her trousers like she DGAF because she’s JLo

Jennifer Lopez, trousers, wears

Maybe if this was anyone else we’d be thinking it was a problem. But Jennifer Lopez can still do just about anything and get away with it. The 49-year-old stepped out with her thong riding high over matching suit trousers on Thursday and we were like, yeah ok.

Maybe it was her washboard torso or her DGAF attitude, but Jennifer made a convincing case for the look. That’s not a signal to rush out for trousers with the underwear sewn on, but it was just more proof that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t whatever the eff Jennifer Lopez wants. The pop icon rocked the bizarre look – which even featured a completely unacceptable G-string behind – as she arrived to shoot a video with DJ Khaled in Miami. Dripping in gold and silver chunky chains, Jennifer stepped down from her trailer in towering heels hidden beneath her wide-leg trousers.

She paired the houndstooth pants with a cropped, white T-shirt and sleek hair extensions that stretched right down to her waistline. JLo previously worked with DJ Khaled on Dinero but their latest meet-up seemed to hint at another collaboration. On Thursday, she promised the video for new single Limitless, which was first performed at the AMAs in October.

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