Trans Woman Jessica Alves Speaks Of ‘Disappointing’ Experience In Finding A Date


Brazilian trans woman Jessica Alves, 39, describes her dating situation as being “disappointing.” The stunning woman told DailyMail that when she starts talking about commitment, people are “turned off” and simply want to sleep with her.

Jessica claimed that her appearance “intimidates” people, which has since been another deterrent to asking her out.

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In order to fully transition into a woman, Jessica spent more than £1 million on more than 80 procedures, including a s*x reassignment procedure in 2021. She drastically altered her appearance to become the bombshell she is today after coming out as trans in 2020. She revealed, “I believe that my appearance intimidates people. But after getting to know me, they realise that I am a wonderful, compassionate person.”

Jessica Alves Then And Now

Jessica Alves Then And Now – Jessica Alves/Instagram

Even though I am still single, she continued, “I get a lot of attention from males when I am out in public, on my Instagram, and from my OnlyFans.”

She had tens of operations before deciding to stop since she believed she had acquired the desired look. But she is still having trouble locating a husband to start a family.

“Finding the Prince Charming who will eventually marry me and start a family with me has been difficult. Most of the men I’ve met just want to have fun, so when I bring up having kids or other things, they become disinterested.”

In Rome, she was previously spotted with a romantic interest. But before that, she talked about her brief encounter with another man in Thailand.

She is still unmarried and looking. “At the age of 39, I’ve finished my transition and am now exclusively a woman. Even my birth certificate has been altered to reflect my name, Jessica, and gender as a girl, enabling me to get married in the Christian Catholic church—and having a princess wedding is my goal.”

“I feel really fortunate and blessed to be who I was born to be. I have been concentrating on my personal life and learning about myself day by day as a person because I adore every single inch of who I am.

Jessica Alves Surgeries

She also posted a fresh batch of images from her photo shoot, which included her wearing a silver statement necklace and a tiny dress with crystal embellishments.

The spokesperson for the FashionNova brand stated, “I feel prepared to return to full-time television work as I once did; I am attractive and self-assured, and I have a lot to contribute to the world. To normalise it and demonstrate to the rest of the world that being trans is OK and that we are just like any other woman, we need to see more trans persons on television and in motion pictures.”

Jessica Alves Before Plastic

She had previously experienced sadness brought on by using female hormones covertly and without medical supervision, which was made worse by alcohol use.

Added she, “I appeared on Big Brother in both the UK and Italy that same year. I would adore the opportunity to appear on the programme once more and introduce the world to the new me!”