Johnny Depp Fan Dresses Up As Mera With A Poop Hat, Protests For Removal Of Amber Heard From Aquaman 2: Watch


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still engaged in a court battle. The defamation trial’s result was announced last month, and both parties were mandated to make restitution for their wrongdoings. Overall, the case was won by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who would now collect $10.35 million from his ex-wife. However, they both appealed the judgments that were against them.

When Johnny was accused of domestic abuse, he suffered a great deal of grief. He was the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, which presently stars Margot Robbie.

The fact that Amber Heard is still a part of Aquaman 2 is upsetting to Johnny Depp fans despite the outcome of the slander lawsuit. A petition that has received over 4.6 million signatures from internet users has been going on for some time, but no action has been taken by DC officials.

Due to this, a Johnny Depp fan went to Comic Con in San Diego dressed as Mera, an Aquaman character played by Amber Heard. The person was observed sporting red hair and distinctive green shimmering attire. The poop hat was still odd after the faeces episode, which was made public during the slander trial.

Check out the viral picture below:

A Johnny Depp fan recently appeared at Comic-Con wearing a poop hat while dressed as Mera. Amber Heard is portraying Mera in Aquaman 2, a character. The supporter was also seen carrying a sign urging people to avoid Aquaman 2 in public. A member of the crowd took a photo of this devoted supporter, uploaded it to social media, and now a large number of Johnny Depp admirers have flocked to stand in his defence.

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Like a result, a Mera fan dressed as Amber Heard’s Aquaman character Mera and attended Comic Con in San Diego. Red hair and unusual green shimmering clothing were seen on the person. After the faeces incident, which was made public during the slander trial, the poop hat was still unusual.

The individual was holding a sign denouncing Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman 2. The images have gone viral across all social media platforms, and admirers of Johnny Depp are standing with him.