Kangana Ranaut slammed mercilessly for kissing her nephew on the lips; trolls call her ‘pedophile’


Ever since she had a public spat with the BMC and the Shiv Sena, Kangana Ranaut has been away from Mumbai. She celebrated her brothers’ weddings in her hometown of Manali. Although Kangana expressed her views on social media, a large section of the audience trolled and slammed her for her views. She has been heavily trolled for her new Instagram post even now, where she is seen kissing her nephew on the lips.

Check it out right here for those who have not seen the post:

Kangana drafted along with the picture, “When we left for the shoot, he said don’t go, I insisted I need to work, he looked thoughtful and immediately sat in my lap and said smilingly….ok you go but let me sit with you for two mins…. still get tears thinking about his face ❤️ (sic).

Trolls have been mocking Kangana for kissing her nephew on the lips since the picture was posted and have also referred to her with names like ‘paedophile’. Have a glance at the feedback on the troll right here:

Image Source – Instagram
Image Source – Instagram
Image Source – Instagram

Not only was Kangana slammed by calling her pedophile, but there were also many who in times of the Coronavirus pandemic asked her to maintain social distance.

Kangana isn’t one that’s going to take this lying down. She’s someone who always manages quite often to hit trolls back and give them a piece of her mind. Kangana makes sure she bashes these trolls and shows them from time to time their rightful place. Let’s wait and see if this time there’s any rebuttal from Kangana to these trolls or not.

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