Kapil Sharma Lashes Out At Man Who Said He Too Will Be Arrested Like Bharti Singh


Celebrities are no strangers to online bullying and hate in today’s digital age. Things are often not light-hearted, however, and they can get deep and personal. Comedian Kapil Sharma, for example recently slammed a troll as the person pulled a jibe at him.

Kapil Sharma is not new to disputes. He was in the limelight for constantly losing his cool. His attitude took his popularity away and it was quite a while before he made a comeback with The Kapil Sharma Show, his show. Recently, the Drug Control Bureau detained his co-star, Bharti Singh.

Kapil was pulled into the whole mess by a Twitter user and tried to rub him the wrong way by saying that Kapil too could be arrested in the drug case next. The individual wrote,

“Bharti ka kya haal hua? Tb jb tk pkdi nai gyi ..drugs nai leti thi. Wo hi haal aapka h shayad jb tk pakde nai jao..no drugs @KapilSharmaK9. (What happened to Bharti? Until she got caught, she said she did not take any drugs. I think it is the same case with you. Until you get caught, you claim you don’t consume drugs).”

Kapil Sharma/Twitter

In a now-deleted tweet, a seemingly upset Kapil wrote back,

“Pehle apne size ki shirt silwa mote (Fatty, first get yourself a shirt that fits).”

Kapil Sharma/Twitte

After getting criticism online, Kapil eventually deleted his tweet saying it was unresponsive of him to body-shame someone like that.

Over the weekend, Bharti and Harsh were arrested by the NCB on suspected charges of possession and consumption of a small amount of marijuana, sending shockwaves across the entertainment world. While Bharti was arrested late on Saturday, after a raid on their home and office in Andheri West that led to the seizure of 86.50 gms of marijuana, Harsh was nabbed early on Sunday by the NCB. On Monday, the two were granted bail of Rs 15,000 each by a Mumbai court.