12 Kids You Won’t Believe Actually Exist In The World


How were we as kids? Running here and there! Wasting time, watching shitty cartoons and troubling our mothers. But what I tell you that as the generation changed, even the kids nowadays have changed their daily habits. You won’t believe these kids actually exist and have done so much in their life, where we just sit and waste our time each passing day (duh!).

Here Are 12 Kids You Won’t Believe Actually Exist In The World!

1.Andy Lee (Tsung Tsung)

How messed up kid was you when you were 3? Andy Lee from HongKong here can play the piano since then. The time which I believe we can’t even recall properly.  Tsung can perform three pieces of Mozart by heart before going to bed.

2. Kristina Pimenova

This gorgeous girl exists in Russia and has been termed as the most beautiful women on the Earth. She has signed contracts with Armani, Benetton etc. And has been modeling since she was at the age of 3.

3.Gabby Williams

This little girl has a rare disease which is yet to be named which enables her not to age. For every 4 years that pass, Cabby ages just 1-year-old and as most kids are not able to enjoy her childhood as the condition has left her mute and blind.

4.Deepak Kumar Paswaan

This kid from India is popularly known as an 8 limb boy. He is unfortunate to be born this way with the partly extended arms and legs of his parasitic twin developing out of his stomach.

5.Lola Chuil

This beautiful kid of just 16 years has around 35k followers on Instagram. Mostly known as the Black Hannah Montana, she has already signed contracts with many different agencies as she looks as if she comes from another planet.



Edam is from South Africa and is famous as he is born not with only unbelievably dark tone color but also his eyes exist as black color.


7.Richard Sandrak

Richard is actually the strongest boy in the world. At the age of 8, he can perform 600 push-ups and bench press 210 lbs, i.e. 95 kgs.

8.Giuliano and Claudio Store

These two kids from Romania are doing bodybuilding since the age of two! They have a record of doing 90 push ups at once.

9.Pan Xianhang

This boy from China exists with a very rare disease known as Ichthyosis. In this, his whole body is covered with dry, itchy skin!

10.Winter Vinecki

Vinecki is the youngest person in the world to complete a marathon in all the seven continents! She is doing this since the age of 7.

11.Lu Hao

Hao weighs 60 kg or 132 lbs which are five times the weight of other kids of his age. Medical people are confused in his case considering him a medical mystery.


12.Fu Wengui

An average person has only 7 vertebrates but Wengui has 10. Since the age of six, he is suffering from congenital scoliosis.