Kim Kardashian Has a Third Hand Coming Out of Her Head in Photoshop Fail


The other day, when scrolling Instagram you were worried about your own damn business, Kim Kardashian was like, you know what? Time to post a buncha pics of me dressed as a snake for no reason. What, I will definitely take.

But here’s the thing: While Kim managed to make House Slytherin proud, fans found a big Photoshop failure immediately.

Here’s the pic in question:

If you answered no in that question, go ahead and zoom in to Kim’s face, where you will find that there are some fingers lurking on a third-hand ghost. Also, on the right side of her head is a total straight nail.

Kim’s followers of course helpfully pointed out her Photoshop failed in the comments:

This is not the first time Kim’s had a Photoshop fail — it really happens in the Kardashian fam with a reasonable amount of regularity. In reality, Kylie Jenner had been called out for photoshopping her bikini pics just last week.

And of course who can forget when Kim used her KKW beauty foundation infamously a few months ago to darken her hands.

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