Kim Kardashian has previously dressed as Princess Jasmine for Halloween in 2009 and 2016, now she has again transformed herself into Princess Jasmine and this time she did so to fool her daughter North West. For her Princess Jasmine look, Kim collaborated with makeup artist Kandee Johnson. But unfortunately, even after a lot of efforts, Kim Kardashian failed to fool her daughter North West.

She recently released a video in which she is seen face-timing with her daughter North.

In order to transform Kim into Princess Jasmine, the 39-year-old artist Kandee Johnson started applying a flat base of foundation on Kim’s face.

Then she applied a regular beauty glue to fix Kim’s eyebrows.

Proceeding further Kandee used contour makeup, eyeshadow, liner and lipstick to complete Kim’s transformed look.

Let us tell you that the duo of Kim and Kandee are already in a business collaboration in the Lifetime series, Glam Masters. It is a competition series in search of a great make-up artist, produced by Kim Kardashian and Kandee is a judge there.

Well! despite the hard work the duo failed in their recent prank to fool Kim’s daughter North.

‘It’s Princess Jasmine,’ Kim said.

‘You’re really Kim,’ North replied, unfazed.

‘No it’s not. It’s Jasmine. I have your mommy’s phone. She wanted me to call you and tell you she’s on my magic carpet. She’s on her way home.’

As North completely denied her resemblance with Princess Jasmine, Kim said “My toughest critic. Goodbye.”

At last, North cleared out that Kim’s hair and makeup were on point but she pointed out that Kim’s voice doesn’t sound as Jasmine’s. Of course, no one can tell what Jasmine sounded like, still, Kim then tried to put on a breathy voice and said, “Call you in a bit. I have to go check on my tiger. Roger’s pooping, I have to go clean it up.”

However, Kim herself really liked her get-up. Jasmine from Aladdin is one of her favorite Princess, “I love Jasmine. I’m so honored to be turned into her”, said Kim.

Watch the following video to see that how Kim transformed into Princess Jasmine to fool her daughter.

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