People Post Touching Tributes for Kobe Bryant. Here Are 5 Things We Are Going to Remember Him For


The whole world is shocked to learn that not Kobe Bryant is with us anymore. The helicopter crash has also claimed the lives of eight people, including his daughter Gianna. We want to show today how Kobe has helped to make this world a better place for all those who have met him.

1. He was a sports legend.

It is claimed that Kobe Bryant is among the best basketball players of all time. He won many awards including the Most Valuable Player Award and Olympic gold medals, and the Lakers team also retired numbers 8 and 24 on his behalf.

2. He deeply loved his family.

No words are needed here, just take a look at these pictures:

3. He helped others.

This horrific incident re-emerged a tale of Kobe stopping to rescue several people in a car accident. Ryan Williams, who was involved in the accident, remembers that Kobe ran and helped him to his car. And he was kind. Ryan also reveals he’s seen yet another incident. And there was Kobe too. He supported those concerned, consoled the children and was kind to them.

4. He served as an example for others.

Man I don’t even know where to start😭😭 I started playing ball because of KOBE after watching the 2010 finals. I had never watched ball before that and that finals was the turning point of my life. I WANTED TO BE LIKE KOBE. I’m so FREAKING SAD right now!!!!

RIP LEGEND— Joel Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) January 26, 2020

Statement from Michael Jordan:— Estee Portnoy (@esteep) January 26, 2020

I remember Kobe bringing his daughters to the WRINKLE IN TIME premiere and talking about its meaning for him as a father. He loved his girls so. LA weeps today, as do fans around the world. Goodbye, Kobe and Gianna. Our memories of you will live on and on.— Ava DuVernay (@ava) January 26, 2020

5. He motivated others with his speeches.

And here we share some of his quotes:

  • All the negative— strain, obstacles — is an opportunity for me to rise up.
  • We will still be kind of ordinary and do the same things. I am not doing what’s natural in this.
  • I have nothing to do with lazy people who blame others for failing to succeed. Big stuff comes from hard work and perseverance. No apologies.
  • The moment you give up is the moment you let another win.
  • If we suggest that this can’t be accomplished, that can’t be accomplished, then we’re short-changing ourselves. My brain, failure cannot be proceeding. It will not be a failure in the process. And if I have to sit and face myself there and say to myself “you’re a loser,” I think that’s almost worse than dying.

Bonus: People honour Kobe by creating tribute art