Kooku Web Series Actress Name With Photos January 2024


Kooku Web Series Actress: To follow the Kooku actresses for their upcoming web series and short films, you may be looking for their names as well as their profile links.

I’ve made an effort to cover every Kooku Web Series Actress Name who has ever used the Kooku app or appeared in a Kooku web series in this post. Their social media handles, job history, web series credits, and many more will be shared along with their name and pictures.

Kooku Web Series Actresses List With Photos January 2024

1. Rajsi Verma

Kooku Web Series Actress Rajsi Verma

One of the most well-known Kooku actresses is Rajsi Verma. She appears in a lot of Kooku app web series. His popular web series Woh Instructor helped her get notoriety. After thereafter, she contributed to other Kooku Web Series and Ullu app web series.

Rajsi Verma Web Series: Palang Tod Double Dhamaka, Palang Tod Damaad Ji, Favorite Teacher, Charmsukh Mom and Daughter, Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar, Woh Teacher, Charmsukh S-x Education, Shikari, Khidki, Mystery, Shaurya, and many more.

2. Abha Paul

Kooku Web Series Actress Abha Paul

Abha Paul is equally as well-liked by viewers of the Kooku, ullu, and Altbalaji online series as Rajsi Verma is. She rose to fame thanks to the popular Gandi Baat serial on alternative Balaji.

She then worked on numerous other online shows for other platforms. Mastram, Lolita PG House, and Gandi Baat are a few of the notable web series. She also released his app, where she often provides fantastic content.

Abha Paul Web Series: Mastram, Hai taubba, Taste, Namkeen 2, Lolita PG House Part 2, Gandi Baat, Kaumsurta 3d, Lolita pg house part 1, Hai taubba, Mallu Aunty ka malmal (Mastram), Hai Taubba 3.

3. Kumari Simran

Actress Kumari Simran is. She is well recognised for her work in the Bengali television business and Suno Sasurji, a Kooku Web Series.

Kooku Web Series Actress Kumari Simran

Even though Kumari Simran has only produced a few or three web series, including the well-liked Suno Sarurji for Kooku, she still has a sizable fan base. After this online series, the public is quite favourable here.

Kumari Simran Web Series: Suno Sasurji

4. Nidhi Mahawan

Kooku Web Series Actress Nidhi Mahawan

Nidhi Mahawan is an Indian actress and journalist who appears in a variety of films and online series. She first gained notoriety from the Gandi Baat Season 6 web series, and she continued to gain notoriety from the Ullu app’s Behrupiya web series.

She continued to be focused on getting more and more work after that and worked on numerous more platforms and programmes.

Nidhi Mahawan Web Series: Dahej Mein Saala, Chutzpa, What the F, Dalal Street’s Bull, Charmasukh Beharupiya, Charmasukh Trapped, Zindagi Reset, Robber, Shaadi Vivah, Gandii Baat Season 6, Jassi King The Faker, Real fictional, Skin, Lovely Massage Parlor.

5. Agni Pawar

Kooku Web Series Actress Agni Pawar

Despite producing a few Kooku Web Series, she is still highly well-liked. She began her career in web series with the well-liked alternative Balaji web series Gandi Baat season 2, and she later worked on the well-liked Mere Pyare Jija Ji web series for the Kooku app.

Agni Pawar Web Series: Mere Pyare Jija Ji, Gandi Baat 2, Deal Friendship, and a few more.

6. Mahima Gupta

Mahima Gupta

Season 6 of the well-liked web series AltBalaji Gandi Baat is where Mahima Gupta first gained notoriety. She then appeared in a few other online series. She currently has a relatively little body of web series work. Still enjoys a solid level of public support.

Mahima Gupta Web Series: Charamsukh, Raktanchal, Gandii Baat, and a few more.

7. Supriya Shukla

Supriya Shukla also contributed to the third season of the well-known web series Gandi Baat, which helped her gain notoriety. On the internet, there isn’t a lot of information about Supriya Shukla. But don’t worry, we are working hard to collect all the data.

Supriya Shukla Kooku actress

Web Series: Mand, Gandi Raat Season 3, Charmsukh Highway, Loyalty Test

Rekha Mona Sarkar

I don’t have to introduce this woman. She is extremely well-liked and has been on numerous Kooku Web Series. Additionally, a lot of her web programs are highly well-liked and frequently seen on Kooku Web Series.

Rekha Mona Sarkar

Web Series: Jassi King The Fakr, Golden Hole, Mohini Bhabhi, Palang Tod Caretaker, Palang Tod Shor, Chu Kat Gaya, Move On, Mental, You Me and My Padosan, Two Hot M$lf, Raneji, Mohini Bhabhi 2, Zoya Ki Pyaas and many more.

Aritaa Paul

Actress Arita Paul is well-known for her work in Bollywood. She has appeared in films, TV shows, and Kooku Web Series. Arita Paul began her professional life as a singer before deciding to pursue acting. She participated in seven feature-length films and around six web series for various OTT platforms. For Nue Flix OTT, she also directed a web series.

Arita Paul

Aritaa Paul Web Series: My Girlfriend’s Love Story, Chhupa Rustam, Double Trouble, Digital Ishq, Waham, Kasoor, Sparsh, The Gift, Hum Apke Fan Hai.

Priyanka Upadhyay

Priyanka Upadhyay Kooku web series actress

She is a model and actress from India. Priyanka Upadhyay was born in Uttar Pradesh, India, on April 9, 1996. In addition to Matkani Ke Matke (2022), Paying Guest (Hotshots), Behind the Scene, and Stranger, she is an actress.

Priyanka Upadhyay Web Series: Paying Guest, Behind the Scene, Muthiya, Stranger, Matkani Ke Matke (2022)