“Laal Kaptaan” Trailer Featuring Saif Ali Khan Gives Desi People Their Own ‘Sasta Jack Sparrow’


One of the dialogue from movie Laal Kaptan is as such “Aadmi ke paida hote hi, kaal apne bhaise pe chal padta hai use waapis liwane…aadmi ki zindagi utni hi jitna samay uss bhaise ko laga uss tak phuchne me,”

The trailer of Laal Kaptaan started with this viral dialogue in which saif Ali khan look in a very intense and ruthless look. It is being said that this movie is going to be very different from the rest of the movie released in this year.

In this trailer, Saif Ali Khan is being seen as playing the role of Naga Sadhu n the movie. he is taking revenge and mercilessly killing the people.

But, the audiences have seen something more than that directors were expecting to.

Netizens have started comparing Saif Ali Khan looks to Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. Hey, not everyone who wears a jacket, owns dreadlocks, ties a red bandana and has kohl-lined-eyes looks like Jack Sparrow!

Umm, ok maybe Saif is an exception. He does look like Sparrow or should we say desi and sasta Jack Sparrow? In fact, the last scene of the trailer looks like a desi rip-off of the Pirates of the Carribean.



This movie is produced by Aanand L Rai and directed by Navdeep Singh, Laal Kaptaan is releasing on October 18.

Let’s hope this movie will do buffer opening on box office. From trailer one can expect this movie to do great at box office rest we can not assure more than our expectation. Wait for this movie to release then we can see what this movie is doing.