Liger Movie Meme: Twitter Floods With Memes As ‘Liger’ Fails to Impress Netizens; Best Collection


The film “Liger,” starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday, was ultimately released. Puri Jagannadh directed it. Although there were high hopes for the film, both the general public and critics were unimpressed. The pan-Indian movie is available in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, among other languages. The majority of viewers believe that Vijay’s abilities are not adequately represented in the screenplay.


The movie is buried in mediocrity, including a ludicrous cameo by one of the greatest boxers in history, Mike Tyson, and meaningless music, cringe-inducing performances, frequent failures in logic, and corny humour made light of the central character’s stammer.

This movie can’t be saved from its own foolishness, not even by Deverakonda’s tank-like physicality, stated Sonil Dedhia in a review for

In the midst of all these reviews, internet users have flocked to Twitter to discuss the film. Memes are another strategy used by some. “Senseless writing and cringe-worthy sequences ruin a movie that had the potential to be good. VD made an effort, and although his bodily transformation is fantastic, his stammering is bothersome.

Poor heroine track. Nothing else worth mentioning, except a brief interval. Rating: 2.25 out of 5,” a Twitter user stated.

Here are some responses:

This is best of all. Trolling Level Epic

Additionally, a clip from the movie that was taken out of context and spread online does not help the situation. Tanya, played by Panday, is seen in the now-viral sequence displaying little to no emotion as Liger actually roars to declare his love for her. Even in the 23-second film, it is clear how drastically different their energy levels are from one another.

Ananya Pandey is “Expression queen,” a Twitter user remarked while posting the video. People took advantage of the chance to dunk on Panday.

Later, people realised that the criticism of Panday alone was unfair because Deverakonda’s hammy performance in the same scene wasn’t particularly artistic.