Epic Troll to Liger Movie: ‘Aao, 4 Gaali Do, Chale Jao’, Kisi Se Bolna Nhi Bahar… Hilarious Review


Liger, the Bollywood debut of Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday, has received negative reviews and has been compared to “torture.”


In the midst of it all, a review written by two men who saw the movie in theatres is becoming widely popular.

The two men were observing Liger. They gave their humorous evaluation of the movie, which was produced by Karan Johar, in this 30-second clip.

The man in the video says, “Aisa movie dekha toh bahar izzat jayegi ke chup chap se nikal jana… bolna ki maine dekha hi nahi… If you’re a fan of Vijay Deverakonda, you should take the bus, enjoy Vijay Deverakonda’s performances, and cheer him on.”

Another grey-shirted man interrupts at this point and says, “Aao… Chaar Gaali Do… Aur Chale Jao.”

“When the second person again interrupts and asks, “Haan? “, the first person responds, “Nahi… usmein songs achcha hai.” Songs achcha hai bol raha hai, bohot maarunga.”

See the video down below.

The video has people in splits.

A Reddit user commented, “Lol the other dude’s reaction when Guy #1 said one song is good.”

“Cracked up at ‘ haaaan konsa gane ache they, bohot marunga,” said a fan.

Another one said, “Give that man a Vimal.”

“Trust these guys more than our esteemed “critics”! Shukriya Doston, will give it a miss.”

“Ye log mere dost ban skte h especially vo dusra vala lol maarne ko ho rha tha hahahah,” said a user.

Another one commented, “Oh my god..they are even more entertaining than KRK.”

“you know a movie is a trash when people resort to praising songs”

“Haan kya bohot maronga”, this clip might be more fun than the movie.”

“Can’t wait to see all the memes of the guy in a grey shirt. Bahot marunga”

“Bahut maroonga… ded!”, another one said.