Bored 23 YO Dedicates 2 Hours To Find Out How Many Licks It Takes To Finish A Lollipop


Life in quarantine has left us enough free time. So, while many of us initially loved this free time, now it’s beginning to get boring. And people have come up with some innovative ideas, such as ‘balcony concerts’ or fun ‘virtual parties’ to combat the boredom.

A 23-year-old student of engineering recently performed an unusual experiment to keep himself occupied in the midst of the pandemic. James Hunt, from Chester, England, was trying to figure out how many licks it would take to absolutely finish a lollipop, reports News18.

James spent nearly two hours lolly licking a strawberry Chupa Chups before he was left with the knife. His goal was reportedly born out of ‘sheer boredom.’ He initially set a target of 250 licks but his tongue started hurting by 500, the Republic World notes.

Representative Image

“Usually you tend to suck it so you’ve got a lot of saliva and I didn’t think I had the stamina either. I started to lick it and after about 500 it starts to hurt and then I started to get shaky as well for some reason,” he was quoted saying.

He said that as the lollipop became smaller, it felt like a test of his stamina. However, he kept licking the candy stick. And, finally, he managed to finish off the lollipop in almost 1417 licks. Honestly, I have always thought about this as a kid. So, now I finally know. Did you ever think about this? Tell us!

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