Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight


Obesity has nearly tripled in the world over the last 40 years, according to the World Health Organization. This can be very hard to lose weight people tend to stay on various diets, do boring workouts, count calories and more. Nonetheless, there are growing behaviours that most of us conduct on a regular basis that obstruct our weight-loss efforts.

1. Skipping breakfast

Researchers have reported that people who eat breakfast appear to weigh less than those who miss breakfast. The study examined 350 adults, and those who daily ate breakfast had smaller waistlines than those who did not include breakfast in their daily schedules. But, it’s pretty logical: When you miss your morning meal, you ‘re more likely to be ravenous by lunchtime and eat more.

2. Not drinking enough water

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Drinking water helps to eat more calories and weight loss benefits. A research of obese women investigated the effect on their weight caused by increased water intake. The results showed that drinking more than one litre of water a day led to a weight loss of 2 kg in one year. So pick good old fashioned water next time you think about what you will get to drink.

3. Eating late in the evening

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Reports suggest it’s best to skip late meals unless you want to earn a few pounds more. Unless the food is eaten late, the body can most likely store certain calories as fat instead of consuming them. A light evening snack is going to be perfect but try to stay away from your refrigerator right before bedtime.

4. Skimping on sleep

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Sleep deprivation can really affect your weight. You miss running when you’re overtired and prefer to choose high-carb snacks and plenty of coffee. Sleep deprivation also can lead to a slower metabolism. So try sleeping at least 7 hours every day.

5. Consuming fat-free foods

It may seem paradoxical, but sticking to a fat-free diet may, in fact, result in extra weight gain. Removing fat from food will potentially cause us more hungry, contributing to overeating. In addition, removing fats from dairy products stops us from taking up calcium and vitamins A and D.

6. Getting distracted while eating

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Seek to eat your meal without watching your favourite show or surfing via social networks. During mealtime being distracted will make you eat more, researchers say. In the meantime, paying attention to your meal will encourage you to enjoy it more, and have more control over how much food you eat.

7. Binge drinking

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Only think twice when you get yourself a bottle of beer. Beer drinking gives rise to excessive belly fat while heavy alcohol drinking of all kinds is known to increase your weight. If you’re worried about your weight, try having less “happy hours.”

8. Sitting at your desk all-day

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Research shows a link between sitting time and obesity. So try shifting every 60-90 minutes, or set a timer that tells you when to get up. Seek chair exercises or go for a stroll-even if it ‘s only for a friend working on another floor to meet. Add a few moves to your day! Will you have any of those customs?

Would you drop any of them to weight loss? Share your experience in the below section.