Maahi Khan Web Series Watch Online (November 2023)


Maahi Khan Web Series: Maahi Khan is a renowned actress, model, and influential figure in the realm of social media, particularly in India. Her primary focus lies in the world of web series, where she has gained significant recognition. Maahi’s fame largely stems from her involvement in the web series “Khoon Bhari Maang.” Below is a list of some of Maahi Khan’s notable web series that are available for online viewing.

1. Khoon Bhari Maang Ullu Web Series

This is the tale of a successful businesswoman named Diya, who finds love in the arms of a man named Sameer and ties the knot with him. Their marital bliss appears unshakable, until one day when Diya’s friend Ayesha enters their lives. The moment Ayesha steps into the picture, Sameer loses control and falls for her, leading to a clandestine physical relationship between them.

Heartbroken and shattered upon discovering Sameer’s betrayal, Diya contemplates suicide, but her friend Rahul intervenes, rescuing her from the brink.

As the story unfolds, Diya’s life takes an unexpected turn when she learns that she is pregnant. In the shadows, Sameer and Ayesha hatch a sinister plan to eliminate Diya, aiming to inherit her substantial wealth. Will Sameer succeed in executing this plan and seizing Diya’s assets? To unravel the gripping twists and turns of this suspenseful narrative, be sure to tune in to the Ullu web series “Khoon Bhari Maang,” in which Maahi portrays the character of Diya.

2. Jalebi Part 2 Web Series Rabbit

This is the intriguing story of a young woman named Jalebi. Jalebi issues a bold challenge to the entire village, offering a tempting reward of 20 thousand rupees to anyone who can best her in a bed-related contest. Many residents of the village accept this audacious challenge, but none emerge victorious.

However, a twist in the tale occurs when a man successfully defeats Jalebi and claims the promised 20 thousand rupees. To unveil the identity of this victorious challenger, you’ll need to tune in to “Jalebi Part 2,” a web series available on the Rabbit app. In this captivating series, Maahi Khan takes on the role of Jalebi. The web series comprises five episodes, each with a duration of 25 minutes, promising an engaging viewing experience.

3. Sursuri li ullu web series

This is the tale of Sur Kumar Dulari, a little boy. Sur has never been wed. He’s looking for a female companion. One day he meets Surili, a girl who shares the same passion as Sur. As soon as Sur and Surili start getting along, they get married. Will their romance succeed? Watch the web series Sursuri li ullu to learn more. Maahi portrayed Kamini in this web series.