Mahesh Bhatt Tweets a Creepy Pic of Skeleton Amid Sushant’s De@th, Netizens Slams him Badly


Since the day that Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, digesting is always an amazing task. His fans, his family, and those close to him are all in mourning and facing the shock of his absence.

Shortly after Sushant ‘s death, there was a roundtable news story about how Mahesh Bhatt reportedly asked Sushant ‘s supposed girlfriend Rhea to vacate the flat and leave the actor immediately after she told her she heard voices and acted oddly about him. The case is being pursued under Mumbai police and the same is being investigated.

While the latest tweet from Mahesh Bhatt raised the attitude of users of social media. He took his twitter handle and posted a skeleton photo and tweeted, “Dying people think about funny stuff-and that’s what we’re all here, aren’t we? Do men die? This is one of Tad Williams famous quotes.

The filmmaker was brutally slammed when his post became viral. One of the Twitter users wrote, “When do u think funny things And rest assure all of us can laugh and enjoy the day Karma is coming soon,” while one wrote, “He’s the murderer. I ask everyone to punish this man who laughs at the death of @itsSSR because nothing has happened yet.

One of the Twitter users tweeted, “You ‘re a good soul or a bad skeleton, ask yourself about this. You ‘re going to get the answer you ‘re a living or dying one! “The filmmaker was even trolled by one person saying he posted a picture of himself.

Check out some of the reactions below: