How these Actors will look if they were Heroins? Check Out

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Bollywood is full of beautiful and hot heroines. Same with the male actors as well. But have you ever imagined that what it would look if some of the popular faces like Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Ranbeer Singh, Varun Dhawan, etc have been Female Actress (Heroins) of our film industry, instead of being a male actor? How would they look like? Will they appear Hot or just an irritating face?

Let’s have a look at those faces.

1. Let’s have a look on Amir Khan first. 


2. Now let’s take Ranbir Singh. Wow. She seems pretty cool, I mean, He seems pretty cool. Sweet smile and beautiful eyes.


3. Ohh Man, Shahid Kapoor. She seems most of the Chinimini Chau Chau.