Man Demands $35 Refund From Date When She Ditches Him After Third Date


The man wrote, “I regard you as a fair girl; I hope you’ll consider reimbursing me.”

In what kind of date circumstance would you expect this line to appear? Maybe when your romantic dinner date with your partner costs $70. Or maybe when the date night costs more than $100 and you don’t want to make the man you’ve just met a few times spend that much money on you on a single date.

When asked about her Tinder discussion, a lady who shared it on Twitter was taken aback. The Tinder date she had for three occasions decided to text her and ask for $35 back for the meals and drinks they had consumed during those dates.

Alex Colboth of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, submitted this screenshot. The price for the three dates was shockingly high: $35.

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She and her Tinder partner appear to have mutually concluded that things aren’t working out after three dates. Alex, on the other hand, was taken aback when she received texts from him requesting her Venmo.

The man said that because they won’t be meeting again, “it’s only fair to ask for equal money” for the dates they attended. He went on to say, “I paid for both of us.” He left a ‘Share Payments’ link on the chat after calling Alex a ‘fair girl.’

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This is widely seen as ludicrous.

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For some ladies, it’s clear that he’s acting strangely. He acted as if he didn’t care about the relationship or the dates. People remarked on how he asked for the payment back as though the money he paid off didn’t get him what he desired. During the dates, the man did not ask for a split bill and claimed to have paid them for her.

In theory, if he asked for the money back, he wouldn’t be paying them for her at all, right?

Some tried to figure out why this man was asking for money after only three dates.

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Here’s the thing: there’s a bigger question.

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If you think about it, the man mentioned ‘equal payment,’ which suggests they spent around $70-$80 on three outings. One person speculated that they may have gone to McDonald’s to save money, while another stated that they most likely chose the dollar menu instead.

People are being sent because of the $35 mentality (rather than the $350 mentality) stretched out across three dates.

The men, on the other hand, have their own argument: reimbursement is reciprocal.

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