Man Turns Up To Stag Do To Find His Ex-Wife Is His Str*pper


A guy had a massive surprise when the Str*pper at his stag do turn out to be his ex-wife. 

If there’s one person you don’t want to run into on your stag do, it’s your ex. You’d be literally rubbing your new happiness in their face, and it would probably make for an uncomfortable encounter.

But you know what would make an even more uncomfortable encounter? If your ex spent the evening rubbing themselves in your face.

It’s quite hard to imagine, I admit, but that’s pretty much along the lines of what happened for one unfortunate groom.

The stag had gathered up his friends for a fun-filled weekend booked with StagWeb, who had set up the guys with ‘the best weekend ever’ ahead of the groom’s big day.

The group went to a strip club, all ready to be entertained by n*dity when the groom’s ex-wife stepped out to perform.

Imagine his face! That would be a priceless picture.

Probably the best part about the whole situation is that the groom had no idea his ex had taken up stripping, so his mind was well and truly blown

Even that might be an understatement, actually. In his own words, the groom told:

A surprise? My ex-wife wife was the str*pper at the stag do to my new wife! Unless I win the lottery the same day I get selected to play for England in the World Cup, that’s the biggest surprise I’m ever going to have!

None of the party had any clue she would be there, and the unfortunate man admitted StagWeb probably aren’t in the habit of asking Str*ppers if their past lovers are likely to turn up, which is understandable. The chances must be miniscule.

In fairness to her, she acted very professionally by continuing her performance. Plus, taking your clothes off is certainly an effective way to show an ex what they’re missing.

Though I’m sure she gave an excellent performance, the stag was more concerned with what his fiancée would think about the shocking coincidence.