Meet Lady Amelia Windsor-Britain’s Most Beautiful Royal

Amelia Windsor, Beautiful Royal, queen, cousin, royal family

Let me introduce to the Lady Amelia, the granddaughter of queen’s cousin and she is 36th in line to this royal family. Apart from being the most beautiful and cutest royal lady, She is also a fashion model. She has finished her internship at Chanel. She had also modelled for Gabbana and Dolce.

She is trying to make her name famous in the new fashion industry. Recently, she was seen appearing on the cover of Tatler with a lovely red floral dress which was cut to her navel.

She has given many lovely poses with ice dress.

She was also spotted at many high profile styling events including Fashion shows and balls.

Lady Amelia in a beautiful Japanese kimono suit with a purple tulip. Perfect combination with photogenic posture.

She is also affectionate with trying new hairstyles every now and then. It makes her more stylish and updated with the latest trends.

Lady Amelia giving astonishing pose for Tatler magazine cover.

She was found in a floral dress on Tatler magazine holding a diary named Queen. How beautiful she looks, oh my god!

Few more clicks of her when she took part in a fashion show. Aint she looking marvellous?

Being fashion oriented, she tries many new dresses and clothing styles every day. Most of her dresses and clothing are personally chosen.

Although she is the 36th candidate to acquire the throne, she’s killing it by being a queen with her looks. Here she is posing at fashion ramp while earing a golden queen crown.

Lady Amelia was also featured in Tatler magazine which told about her views on the fashion industry and her future plans.

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