Meet The Guy Who Left his Job At Google To Sell Momos

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Lots of people dream of getting jobs in Big reputed organizations like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Doing a job in such big IT corporations is a secure option in many ways. Employees get additional benefits which include holiday packages and an innovative work environment along with handsome salaries. Still, there are people who can not restrict themselves to this.

A man named Vasudev Singh has left his task at Google to sell momos. yes, you have read that right!, after working in Google’s Hyderabad workplace for more than 9 years he has already a restaurant The Himalayan Cafe, that sells 20 special varieties of momos.

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When he was asked about what made him quit his job he said that Hydrabadi people enjoy the a lot eating the food and he always felt shocked that there is no one who makes good momos in the city. Also, growing up in a Nepali family helped him to know a lot about momos. After thinking about the opportunity of making people taste the best momos in Hyderabad he decided to take the difficult step.

lifestyles after leaving the job have been very interesting for him. He says he has to ensure that the quality remains good and managing everything on weekends becomes very difficult due to the increase in demand.

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Singh also confesses the fact that he does miss some things about his job such as the slides in its offices, free connoisseur food. Above all the people in the office with whom he used to work with make him think about past memories.

The great part of having a restaurant is he feels more involved in the whole thing. the brand new demanding situations assist him to grow more like a human plus the feeling of serving people good food puts a smile on his face. He didn’t share much about his income but he said that he is more than happy with whatever he is earning from this restaurant.