Watch: When Member of Indian parliament falls down sewer during TV interview


This is the shocking moment When an Indian MP falls into a sewer while giving a TV interview.The unfortunately named Poonam Madam, 40, was speaking to locals in Vadodara city of Gujarat when the road caved in.

Madam and four other people standing next to her plunged into the eight-foot deep sewer running underneathShe suffered a four-inch gash on her head plus injuries to her shoulder and legs.Two other people were also reported injured in the accident.A spokesman for Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai said: ‘A team of doctors attended to her immediately and administered stitches and further treatment. Also, Read Russia’s ‘Father Of All Bombs’, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon known

‘She has hurt her left shoulder but has not sustained a fracture.’All in all, her condition is stable, her vitals normal, and she is conscious and there is nothing to worry about.’ Also, Read No parties after 10 pm: Goa police pull the plug on nightlife

The sewer was covered by a loosely fit, thin concrete layer.Doctors say her condition is stable,  she is conscious and ‘there is nothing to worry about’

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