10 Man Who Proved Nothing Is Impossible In This World


It is said that even God does not comprehend what is going on in a woman’s mind, but there are occasions when even men demonstrate their ability to confuse God. Men always come up with interesting, creative, and strange tactics for coping with a problem or finishing a job, and protection takes a backseat much of the time.

We will present you today with 15 such men who have displayed exceptional abilities and brain strength to complete a job or defeat a challenge to emerge as a winner.

1. Darr ke aage jeet hai..

It really takes guts to climb a ladder that long and takes responsibility for doing something at this height. Is he drinking Mountain Dew?

2. The entire household on a truck:

Doesn’t the driver carry more goods than the allowed limit on the truck? I wonder if all this will arrive in great shape at the destination. What’s there to say?

3. What an irony!

The guy in the picture is holding the “Safety First” sheet, but it seems that he does not believe in it or rather does not obey it himself. It may also be the case that he has more faith in the rider than appropriate, but ‘Apni Suraksha Apne Haath’!

4. Forgot helmet?

The man seemed to have forgotten his helmet, and when he really needed to put something on his head for his protection, he only chose whatever he found nearby. But trust me, it’s neither a suitable substitute nor pretty clean!

5. Aaj kuch toofani karte hain..

Since the goods were being shipped from one location to another, the owner of the items would be anxious all the time. “This reminds me of the famous meme of Paresh Rawal, “Mere ko aise dhak-dhak ho rela hai”.

6. Red Bull gives you wings…

To even dream about doing anything like this takes immense bravery. Just look at how the ladder has been positioned and how the man stands in a very strange and dangerous position with one foot on the ladder and the other on the wall.

7. WTF

I wonder what was going on in both of these men’s minds, as it may have been very dangerous for the man sitting on the ground as he was at risk of a car falling on him.

8. Who needs protective shields when you have eyelids to protect your eyes?

Without the protective shield, it is extremely dangerous for the eyes to do any work like this, but this man may believe that eyelids provide supreme protection.

9. Khatron Ka Khiladi

For the purpose of safely trimming without putting himself at risk, this man could easily opt for other choices, but he seems to be a stunt lover or a fan of Akshay Kumar.

10. A quite creative one

I wonder what reason the person wanted to fulfill that he/she chose this solution for. Wouldn’t there be a better alternative to a pair of shoes?