This Man Tattooed Mia Khalifa’s Face On His Thigh And Got Majorly Trolled By Her On Social Media


You get the chance to come across and work with all kinds of people when you have the reputation of a celebrity, ranging from doting and loving fans to crack-headed maniacs. While some might say that they are fans after all and different people have different ways to express their affection, it’s weird for those who don’t know we’re talking about John Abraham’s debacle with some mad female fans to hack someone to’ get their skin on their hands.’

There are some who choose to ignore the accident, but then there are some celebrities who are aggressive, giving it back to their fans without slimming terms. That’s what happened in Mia Khalifa’s ex-porn star. (FYI is not Wiz Khalifa related).

Once ruled over PornHub, the Lebanese beauty recently shared a picture trolling her fan who tattooed her face on his leg and boy was her crazy response. Although the tattoo looks slightly odd, we have to give it to the poor fan who has chosen to permanently ink Mia’s face on his leg. Okay, after coming across the blunt answer of Mia, we’re wondering what that guy would feel. Not only did she call him an idiot, but she also explained how on so many ways the tattoo was incorrect.

“Have you got this tattoo on what kind of two-for-one special?” She answered by adding that she looks like she’s just” crawled first from the depths of hell’s nose.

Okay, for the chap who spent so much money on the tattoo, we really feel bad, just to be mocked on social media. The tattoo that was supposed to be loved has now become a scar for him and we’re curious how that man would look at his leg now. What do you guys think about the tattoo, having said that? Does the tattoo look good or not?