Michael Douglas Shared He’s Become an “Expert at Intimate Scenes” and Revealed His Secret


Intimate moments may be captured on camera, according to Michael Douglas, 78, who enjoyed a phenomenal run of popularity as the main man in Hollywood’s sensual thrillers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He nostalgically recalled the contentious movie that had a significant influence on his artistic development as he looked back on his professional life.

He bragged about being an “expert” in love scenes.

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In 1992, when the contentious Basic Instinct had its festival premiere, Douglas reflected on his participation and referred to himself as an “expert” in intimate situations. He demonstrated his knowledge of such sequences by delving into a love scene from the controversial classic. Douglas is recognised for his performances in other graphic thrillers including Disclosure (1994) and Fatal Attraction (1987).

When discussing his history of working with brilliant actresses, Douglas stated with pride, “I am proud of the fact that, in my history with women in films, most of them have given their best performances.” He talked about the process of practising private sequences for Basic Instinct with his co-star Sharon Stone, emphasising how they worked together to make the movie come to life.

He outlined the processes required to become the “expert” he is today.

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The well-known actor claims that preparation is the secret to the good execution of personal scenes in films. He compared the need for choreography to battle scenes and emphasised the significance of developing the moves progressively. The actors get into a groove and pick up the tempo.

Douglas emphasised the value of showing respect to his co-stars, especially during romantic sequences. He confessed that intimacy coordinators were less common than they are now in his previous productions. In order to ensure their comfort and approval, he would therefore consult with his co-stars in advance. Discussing specific behaviours respectfully, such as hand placements and kissing, would constitute clear communication.

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According to him, the choreography and organisation of the process of filming love scenes ensures the comfort and bounds of

Thinking back to the contentious movie Basic Sensing

The actor recalled the audience’s horrified reactions during Basic Instinct’s Cannes debut many years ago. Paul Verhoeven directed the movie.


Douglas recognised that he had various experiences in the past and commented on the customary expectation of delivering an intriguing film to the festival. But even by French standards, Basic Instinct stood out as a highly original and thought-provoking movie. The intense love scene at the Palais Festival, which made an impression on many attendees, was portrayed by the actor as an overwhelming event.

Douglas recalls a sombre ambience during a quiet meal following the viewing, with everyone appearing to be processing the impact of the movie. He acknowledged the contentious nature of Basic Instinct while acknowledging the significance it had within the festival environment, and he described the whole event as delightful despite the strong emotions.

The prestigious Honorary Palme d’Or award was also given to the celebrated 78-year-old artist during the festival in recognition of his extraordinary achievements in the motion picture industry.

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