Milind Soman Proves ‘Umar Ke Saath Sab Kuch Nahi Dhalta’ As He Talks About His S*_x Drive

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Indians have acquired a lot of problematic and sometimes uncontested conceptions that anything that goes beyond their customary norms is completely worthless, thanks to society and the usage of phrases like ‘parampara’ and ‘culture.’

One of the most difficult ideas is the age disparity between partners.

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People love to make assumptions about things they don’t understand, and when they see two partners with a large age gap get together and make it work, they term it either luck or a ruse. And Milind Soman is here to debunk them, particularly when it comes to his s*_x life.

Many people marvel how Milind Soman, 56, and his wife, Ankita Konwar, 30, manage to work together despite their 26-year age difference. And, while Milind has spoken openly about their age gap, this was the first time he talked about the differences in their s*_xual desires.

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And, much to everyone’s surprise, there isn’t much of a difference despite the 26-year age difference.

“People frequently inquire about our s*_x urges. Right now, though, there is no difference in our s*_x urges. It’s perfectly natural. It’s possible because I feel the same age as she does today; she’s 30, and I honestly feel a year younger,” Milind explained to MensXP.

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“I feel fitter (physically, for sure), but having a decent s*_x life is part of having a healthy body and a healthy mind,” he continued. And I don’t see why that should degrade if the rest of your body is in perfect health.”

And it is perhaps the most important tip for having a happy s*_x life without having to worry about stamina or s*_x drive.

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“That is where exercise comes in,” he remarked, referring to how exercise allows a person to sustain a s*_x drive. It enables you to gain a better understanding of your body, after which you can work on all of the above. Finally, your mind is said to be a muscle. Muscles, too, react to being worked on. So, if everything else in your body is in working order, your s*_x drive will function normally, regardless of your age.”

He is, after all, living, walking, breathing proof of that!