Milind Soman Reveals His Mother-in-Law Is Younger Than Him, Shares Parents’ View On Their Marriage


Many worshiped their camaraderie, many slammed them for their humongous age gap, but nothing could deter a couple of this’ best of both worlds.’ He’s the crush of every 90s kid and the mere mention of his name makes people drool over him while she’s an ordinary Assamese girl away from the glamor and galore. But as they say, you can’t escape fate clutches and see how a night club hop turned into this couple’s intimate Alibaug wedding! Who do we think we’re talking about? Well then, it’s Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar, peep!

Ankita Konwar, a 27-year-old, Milind Soman and 53-year-old, became one at Alibaug on April 22, 2018. The couple had recently celebrated their one-year birthday, and Milind and Ankita had shared their wedding story on their Instagram handle with their fans because of the same. While Ankita had captured her video as “A year has gone by in complete joy. I always dreamed of a companionship. Your existence makes my life beautified. You’re making me happier every day. There’s so much joy to always be the @milindrunning of yours. #anniversaryvibes #youandi #together #theultrahusband, “her star hubby, Milind captured his video story as,” This last year was beautiful, but not so perfect.


And Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar shared some interesting facts about their marriage and courtship days in a recent interview with The Telegraph. Milind revealed in the interview that she was drawn to him by the 26-year generation gap. But were the parents of Ankita all right? She said, “My mom was a little shocked,” adding, “Her mother is younger than me.” Ankita mirrored the same by saying, “By two years. As a character, she really liked him, but she was a little worried. Are you certain? She told me.’ Milind’s family also said the same thing!

And that’s what Ankita had told her parents, “I said it wasn’t that I gotta get married to him or something… I’m just telling you there’s someone in my life and I really like that guy and I’m going to spend my life with him, whether it’s going to be a wedding or not. My mum said:’ Sure, maybe you’re going to change your mind (laughs).’ “The Made In India star then remembered a funny incident,” And they wanted us to get married after some time. We went to this fashion week in 2017 winter and someone photographed it and put it in the paper and we held hands wearing the same T-shirt. In the caption, they wrote:’ Milind Soman at’ SS18′ with his wife.

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Another very interesting response from Ankita was when she was asked why Milind Soman was called back when she first met him. Although Milind himself gave a self-explanatory reply and shared that “he’s adorable,” his wife said, “But he’s, of course. It’s because he’s been so different. He’s still there. I figured I wasn’t at my best behavior that night for some reason. I left without asking him, and then he and all that had to find me. I thought it would be better for me to thank him for a lovely dance. So, I’ve been reading.

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar, when they first met, had felt an’ instant’ bond. But what was the first Milind reaction from Ankita? She said, “At that time, I was with AirAsia. I had just arrived from Malaysia because at that time AirAsia was founded in India. So, I was one of the 16 people who came here to help set up the company. I saw him and thought he’d go and say’ hello’ to him, but on the phone, he’d been so busy. My buddy urged me to go and say hello at the nightclub. I don’t like nightclubs and after that, I didn’t go to one. I don’t like places packed. That was the desire I had. That day, I had to go to the bar. “Milind also said,” Before we met at the hotel, she had seen me.

Was it a fan moment to meet Milind Soman for Ankita Konwar? The star wife said, “I don’t watch Bollywood-y at all, the thing is. You know how northeasterly it is. When I grew up, the Internet was catching up gradually. I saw him here and there in bits and pieces. I loved Captain Vyom (TV show) and certainly Made in India. And then I was never really talking about it. My life has been completely different. I’ve been busy with books like a complete geek. “Milind said,” I’m not her favorite celebrity.

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