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Mirzapur Hot Scene: The action-crime thriller web series Mirzapur was created by Karan Anshuman and is available on Amazon Prime Video. Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna wrote the script. Along with Gurmeet Singh and Mihit Desai, who directed the second season of the show, Anshuman directed the first season of the show. Rithesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar of Excel Entertainment are the show’s producers.

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Rasika Dugal is a well-known Bollywood actress from India who has achieved success. She has acted in the Indian-German drama film Qissa alongside Irrfan Khan and Tillotama Shome. She has also appeared in a number of Indian soap operas.

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Best Moments From Mirzapur 2

1. In the midst of the chaos, Dimpy and Golu manage to get some alone time, during which the former realises that none of them had ever even cried before.

2. Golu ki-lls for the first time. 

In the season one finale, Golu had the chance to shoot Munna and save them all, but she chose not to, which caused a great deal of suffering. Here, just as the cop is ready to murder Guddu, something inside of her snaps, and she stabs him repeatedly with shattered glass till he passes away.

Best Moments From Mirzapur

3. Guddu teaches Golu how to shoot. 

While this moment may not appear as crucial, Golu’s trip to the dark side was completed by the picture of her violently discharging onto a tree in the first episode. Golu’s shooting of the police officer in the first episode was a step towards a darker road, but here, for the first time, we see her learning how to shoot.

Best Moments From Mirzapur 2

4. The Tripathis are criticised by Maurya for their casteism.

Both the show’s protagonist and antagonist are members of the “upper castes.” This isn’t shocking, but we weren’t prepared for Maurya to criticise Kaleen Bhaiya and his family for serving him a different dish while the rest of them ate from a different plate.

Best Moments From Mirzapur Season 2

5. when Kaleen Bhaiya presents Maqbool as the patient when seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction at the doctor’s office.

Since season 1, everyone has known that Kaleen Bhaiya wasn’t exactly the best in bed. However, it was hilarious to watch him throw him on the giant of his bodyguard. Obviously, it doesn’t do well for the ego of a man of his stature.

Best Moments From Mirzapur Season 2