Homecoming Video of Miss Vietnam From The Miss Universe 2018 Will Touch Your Heart

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Miss Universe 2018 will always be remembered in the minds of people not only by Filipinos the winners of celebration but also by Vietnams who established history at 67th Miss Universe 2018.

Catriona Gray might be the one who related to the Philippines, the achiever at Miss Universe 2018 but the representative of Vietnam, Miss Vietnam has also achieved a big place in Miss Universe competition 2018.

H’ein Nie has created history by securing her place in the top 5 Miss Vietnam. She is of 26 years old. She was the first person belonging to a minority group who took it so far in Miss Universe 2018, an important worldwide beauty pageant. Her story has influenced many people out there. Miss Vietnam said ” From nothing, I am here” after she secured her place in top 20 in Miss Universe 2018.

H’ein Nie began her career when she was just 14 years old. She said that her parents wanted her to marry but she decided to do something big out of her life. she had worked as a nanny in Ho Chi Minh City before started her career as a model back in 2014.

H’ein after returning back, she visited her family. She is so humble and down to earth and her homecoming video gonna proves it precisely. According to sources all the money that H’ein earned at Miss Universe 2018 donated to kids and school so that children can be equipped with better education. How lovingly and with genuine happiness, she greeted the people and it’s all visible in her homecoming video.

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Recently, Sash factor Vietnam posted a video of her homecoming has taken away the heart of many netizens. This homecoming video clearly proves how humble is Miss Vietnam. Her homecoming video showed that despite this success she acted just like a common person dressed in common clothes and eating bare hands.

After watching this homecoming video you will find many reasons to love Miss Vietnam. This video will just melt your heart.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 – H'Hen Niê's Homecoming

Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 – H'Hen Niê's Homecoming

Posted by Sash Factor Vietnam on Friday, December 7, 2018

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