10+ Mistakes On ‘Friends’ That You Definitely Missed


Almost everyone loves the show FRIENDS.

But whether you’re a Rachel or a Monica, you can’t help but notice these glaring mistakes that the people on the hit sitcom happened to make.

1. Two Phoebes.

We all love the wacky, charming goofball Phoebe Buffay, but did you know she could teleport? Watch this clip closely and you’ll see her dark magic in play.

Oooooo. Spooky.

2. Monica’s Body Double.

In one episode, we find out that Monica is part of the Faceless Men and can change her appearance at will.

Watch this scene recorded by a devoted fan.

3. Monica Switches Apartments.

Remember when Monica lived in the number 5 apartment in her building?

Well, once the writers realized that would mean she’d have to live on the first floor, they changed it to number 20.

4. Brad Pitt’s Pie.

Will Colbert (the one who hates Rachel and is also Brad Pitt) brings a pie to Thanksgiving.

Later in the scene, his super healthy pie is nowhere to be found.

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5. Rachel’s Body Double.

It seems that the FRIENDS and Game Of Thrones crossovers will continue because Rachel is also part of the Faceless Men.

In one scene, she switches from Jennifer Aniston to… this unknown person.