5 Modern Tech Inventions By Indians That Make Them The Pride Of India

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The ARPANET (predecessor of the Internet) was launched almost half a decade back, and the American, as well as the European research community, is widely credited for the Internet we use today. Modern computers have improved remarkably; just a decade back a 2GB microSD card was an amazing thing for the end consumer, today we’re launching 1TB microSD cards.

Until the 90s, India was relatively new to computers. Even after the boom, India emerged as an outsourcing country. While the developed world is committed to researching and developing, India has its own set of problems that prevent it from heavily investing in R&D. The country is at a nascent stage and lacks the all-around community support a researcher requires.

This does not mean the country has failed to contribute at the international level. We’ve compiled a list of Indian born inventors who have marked their name in history thanks to their widely adopted technology invention.

1. Ajay Bhatt

He is credited for inventing the most widely used data transfer standard, the Universal Serial Bus (USB). He is a graduate from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and completed his post graduation from The City University of New York. Bhatt joined Intel in 1990 as a senior staff architect on the chipset architecture team in Folsom.

He is the chief architect and co-inventor of technologies such as USB, Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI Express, platform power management architecture and various personal computer enhancements. The USB port has been defined and developed by several other companies such as Apple and Microsoft. It continues to reign as the unchallenged choice of connection for all gadgets out there today.

2. Vinod Dham

Vinod Dham is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium processors from Intel. Dham did B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering and then pursued an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, where he specialised in Solid State Electronics.

He is called the “Father of Pentium” for his role in the development of the Pentium processor. He is also one of the co-inventors of Intel’s first Flash memory technology (ETOX). The tag Intel Inside had almost become a trademark for all the computers. Currently, he is the founding Managing Director of Indo US Venture Partners.

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3. Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is a computer scientist and inventor, he heads the Think Tank Team and is best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond. He has previously worked at Microsoft, Google, CMU, NASA, UNESCO, Japan Science & Technology before joining Samsung.

SixthSense is an innovative augmented reality (AR) technology which allows users to pop up a screen on the wall by moving their fingers and control it with their fingertips in the air. He has also worked on various other projects like SPARSH, Quickies, BlinkBot and more.

4. Anadish Pal

He is credited with inventing the fuel-efficient internal combustion engine along with his contribution and patents on Rail Gun technology, gravitational waves, portable power sources. Today, he is the country’s sole independent inventor with the maximum number of US patent grants.

The patents include research on induction motor as a sensor, a Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV), a contact-less non-optical computer mouse suitable for 3D applications, a robotic platform, an electromagnetically controlled valve-less internal combustion engine, and more.

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5. Krishna Bharat

Krishna Bharat is a Principal Scientist at Google Inc, working in the area of user interface and algorithmic support for Web search and content analysis. He is an IIT Madras pass out and has a PhD from Georgia Tech University, USA, Krishna is the person behind immensely popular Google News.

Google News was one of Google’s first endeavours beyond offering just plain text searches on its page. Also, he received the 2003 World Technology Award for Media & Journalism. Krishna is the acting head of Google’s new R&D Center in Bangalore India.


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