Mom Breaks Both Her Ankles Attempting A Dance Challenge On TikTok


A mother-of-two broke her ankles on TikTok and tried a dance contest, ‘The Oh Na Na Na.’

Sapphire Charlesworth, 27, from Chester-Le-Street in County Durham attempted to tap her feet against those of GF Naadjele Lartey when she found herself on the ground suddenly, hearing a crack, cracking.

‘I felt that my wife thought I was overdoing the discomfort. We both wanted to see if the pain was going to wear off but instead, we had to call an ambulance.’ Sapphire said.

Sapphire Charlesworth, 27, broke both her ankles on TikTok from Chester-Le-Street in County Durham, attempting a dance contest.

Her left leg is still in a cast while her right foot was put in a moon boot, following the finding by doctors that she had broken her ligaments, too. Nevertheless, she would need an operation.

For a social media clip, the Oh Na Na Na challenge features players tapping their feet together to the sound of BondeR300’s 2017 song name. After being popularized by celebrities like Ruben Loftus-Cheek – Chelsea’s Midfielder, the competition gained its current popularity.

Ms Sapphire acknowledged that she only exercised at home with her husband when she fell and heard a cracking sound. The mother, treated at North Durham University Hospital, advises anyone else wanting to attempt the challenge should be approaching it with caution.

‘It is not as plain as it seems.’ added Sapphire.

She’s back home though, being nursed by her husband, who is also parenting their two young children. Likewise, thousands of people are sharing videos of themselves attempting the Oh Na Na Na Challenge internet craze.