Mom Posts Viral Video After Driving To School And Realizing She Forgot Her Kids At Home


There are times where you stop and think to yourself, “Did I just do that?” Thankfully, we can chalk up these errors to be a mom and fatigue that accompanies the work.

It’s not great for parents. All make mistakes. Sometimes we pour coffee into our sugar and sometimes we drive to school, without our kids, you know.

That’s what happened to a mom who is now going viral for posting a hilarious video after having realized her misstep in the morning.

“They are not in the car,” says a mom through laughing fits while panning the camera to her vehicle’s bareback seats. “Without my children, I drive to school! I take the kids to bed, and I don’t even have them in the car!”

The worst part? When she remembered that “I need to go back and pick them up!” Her laughter fits are perhaps the best part of the short, 46-second video that has already received 3.8 million views.

“I can’t believe it! I left my children at home! I was supposed to take them to school, so I got in the car and I left,” she responded. “Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. I was half-sleeping this morning! WHERE ARE MY KIDS?!” Luckily when she finally got home, they had a good, strong cup of coffee waiting for her!

Online, people were cracking up over this video.

Watch it for yourself and see. It’s pretty hilarious and very relatable.

Some Twitter users couldn’t help but wonder what was going through this mom’s head.

She was probably wondering why her kids were so quiet. LOL!

Others saw this video as evidence of how hard moms work.

If this mom was asking for a sign to go on a vacation, here it is. You deserve it, Mama!