Mukesh Khanna Angry Reaction To Adipurush Teaser; Blasted on Makers


Bollywood performer Mukesh Khanna is renowned for his charisma from that era and the powerful roles he played. With his opinions on various social and political topics, Khanna has also been outspoken and contentious. The actor has now shared his thoughts on the Adipurush viral trailer, which was directed by Om Raut.


Why is Adipurush part of the criticism?

Adipurush, a movie starring Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan, has drawn a lot of flak for its visual effects and the characters’ appearances. People no longer want to watch this movie since they prefer cartoons to its style. MP Minister Narottam Mishra has also threatened legal action against the filmmakers because he thinks the depiction of Hindu deities is inaccurate. Adipurush is allegedly the most expensive movie ever produced in India.


What did Mukesh Khanna say in his video reaction?

“I know not everyone would agree, but Hindu gods are not attractive. They are lovely. They don’t have the same good looks as (Arnold) Schwarzenegger. Take Krishna or Ram as examples. They don’t have a bodybuilder physique; instead, they have a serene, regal appearance. Nobody can claim to have seen Ram or Krishna, but based on what we have seen of them through the years, they appear to be female. Nobody who worships them ever imagines Ram or Hanuman sporting moustaches, he said.

Mukesh Khanna believes this film will not work

“You call the movie Adipurush. You may tell me that it is the narrative of a man from the stone Age,” Mukesh continued in his video assessment. Why then do you use the name Ramayan? You cannot just depict Bheeshma Pitamah (Mukesh Khanna’s character in Mahabharat) as a clean-shaven man because we have a large beard for him. Let me say that such a movie won’t work since you want to leverage the audience’s faith in the Ramayan while also challenging that faith.

Mukesh believes a huge investment and major VFX cannot make a good film.

“It is impossible to compare the appearances of (characters from the Ramayan) and Mughal people. Are you mocking everything here? I apologise for being blunt, but the movie won’t work. Ramayan cannot be created with VFX or film investments of only $100 to $1 billion. It will be determined by values and actions. You cannot claim that we are observing Ramadan while using Avatar’s aesthetics.

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