‘My Husband Bedded My Mom While I Almost Di@d In Hospital, And Now They’re Married’


If parents are involved, the stage of true love never runs smoothly. The role of parents in the marriage of their children and even marriages has stirred up drama and unforgivable moments over time. Besides, was your wedding ever sabotaged? If you do, then you can understand what is going on in Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro De Melo’s life.

Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro De Melo was recently left heartbroken to learn that after waking up from a life and de-ath C0ma, her mom ran away with her husband.

Recently, the mom-of-one was left heartbroken to learn that after waking up from a life and de-ath C0ma, her mom had run off with her husband. At the age of 25, Kamylla had met the man she had always dreamed of, even though he was about ten years older. Overlooking the age difference, the couple fell in love in 2013 and later got married.

Kamylla has a son from Brazil, now six, but when she was diagnosed with a stroke after having bariatric surgery, her dream life was interrupted in 2017. She was laid in intensive care for 78 days, and she found out that her mom had run off with her husband instead of getting her family for support.

‘In the middle of this period, my mom, whom I can no longer call a mom, came to my house to help my husband take care of my son, who at the time was four years old. I found later that my mom didn’t visit me in 4 months of being in the hospital, much between life and de-ath period, and my husband only visited me once.’ Kamylla explained.

Kamylla ‘s dad, feeling stronger, picked her up from the hospital and told her about the heartbreaking news. The father had also discovered that his wife was having an affair, and Kamylla admitted that she had endured the worst of her life and felt hit in the chest because she knew about the deception.

The mom-of-one said that she had always had a strained relationship with her other biological mom, who was only 20 years old. She initially refused to believe the whole storey, but after calling her confrontational wife, she accepted what she had heard. In addition to the injury, on March 2nd, Kamylla reveals that her mom and now ex-husband happily flaunt their online relationship and celebrated an anniversary interestingly.

Nonetheless, the mother reported that she had put the heartbreak behind her and had been seeing someone else for about ten months now. She’s currently focused on both her dad and her son, dubbing them perfect and caring.