Model Invited To SRK’s Home Reveals All That Happened Inside & How His Family Treated Her


A Mannat evening! Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood, is a true king when it comes to entertaining visitors at his house. He is renowned for his gracious hospitality and modest demeanour. Everyone in B-Town frequently praises him as one of the best hosts. Supermodel Navpreet Kaur was no exception to the many claims made by SRK’s colleagues that he treats them well and welcomes them into his home.

Navpreet Kaur/Instagram

SRK turns chef for Navpreet Kaur

A model by the name of Navpreet Kaur received an invitation to SRK’s Mannat, and she will never forget the evening. Navpreet posted a number of images on her Instagram account, recalling the events that took place inside SRK’s Mannat and what it was like to meet his family.

Sharing a selfie with Shah Rukh, Navpreet wrote,

I promised myself I’ll never post it, but this memory is too precious to just keep it to myself.

Cheers to this oh so blessed day of my life at #Mannat.

The king @iamsrk himself baked a pizza 🥹🥹❤️, and that too veg because ‘kuch punjabi veg bhi hote hain’ 🙈🙈.

Navpreet Kaur/Instagram

It was like a daydream for Navpreet

The model added,

All the while I was at his house, I thought I was dreaming and someone was soon going to wake me up. I kept my calm and composure because I didn’t want to freak out in front of him.

She added,

“When the excitement of sitting at the dining table with him, his family and Pooja (Dadlani, SRK’s manager) was bubbling up, I excused myself and asked for the way to the washroom. He got up from his chair and like an unbelievably warm host, escorted me to the washroom door. At this point my heart wanted to scream out of excitement, so I looked at mirror in the room, and I found myself silently screaming out loud, over this unbelievable incident. The dinner was served and I was full with one slice. My stomach was busy digesting my excitement.”

Navpreet Kaur/Instagram

Further, in her Instagram post, Navpreet Kaur mentioned each and every member of Shah Rukh’s house

She explained,

 “Gauri is a darling. Abram is my new best friend, although he might not remember me in a couple of days. Aryan is such a warm, sweetheart, against his angry-young-man looks. Suhana was busy slaying. Pooja is her iconic self, and I’m still refusing to believe that it wasn’t a dream,”

Navpreet Kaur/Instagram

Even the cab driver clicked a selfie

And that’s not all; Mr Shah Rukh Khan, acting like the ideal host, personally led Navpreet to the door as she left Mannat to return home. The cab driver also sneaked in a selfie with King Khan when he saw SRK when the cab arrived. She disclosed:

 “After we said goodbyes, his highness escorted me all the way down, where my cab was waiting and my cab driver didn’t waste the opportunity of taking a selfie with him. Smart guy. Miracles do happen,”

Quickly going viral, Navpreet’s post received a tonne of incredible fan replies. She will undoubtedly never forget that evening in her entire life. One might legitimately claim that Navpreet accomplished every SRK fan’s fantasy.