The New iPhone 11 Is Here And So Are The Hilarious Twitter Reactions!

iPhone 11 , iPhone Xs , iPhone 11 Pro , minimal , new camera design , outside, biggest change

we must admit that the difference between the iPhone Xs and the iPhone 11 Pro is quite minimal seeing that the biggest change comes in the form of a new camera design – at least on the outside.

On the inside, we get more power to do tasks, larger batteries across the board and that new camera design houses some neat camera tricks that will not only please everyday consumers but pro users as well.

But still, on the camera design, Apple has made a move that has unleashed the trolls. The new camera setup is housed within a square module with rounded corners. A design that many have called out as ugly (we think so too).

Immediately after the launch of the new iPhones, Twitter was flooded with troll comments ranging from the old-kidney jokes to some neat puns about the camera module on the iPhone 11. Twitter’s having their wildest field day with the look of the multi-lens cameras.

We scouted the web (ok, just Twitter) and we have curated the best trolls we could find, have a look:









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