New turn in Sarvjeet-jasleen case

TEI Team

Do you still Remember Sarvjeet Singh-jasleen Kaur case ? Yes, you recalled him right. He is the same man who became the object of disgust in just a few hours and all the credit goes to Jasleen Kaur, the girl who leave no stone to prove him guilty and accused him of eve teasing at the time when she was walking down Tilak Nagar Street.

This ignominious incident took place on 23 August 2015, and she got full support and sympathy of the common public as well as media for obvious reasons. In our society, girls are mostly thought to be innocent and weak while men are born with a label of wrongdoers and if any unfavorable thing takes place, men are held responsible for that without any doubt. The sad part is that it all happens without knowing the truth and verifying the facts, and the same was the case with Sarvjeet.

He had to bear all the criticism despite the fact that he didn’t actually do anything wrong and the one who should be punished, i.e., Jasleen, is roaming freely. Sarvjeet is suffering for a crime which he didn’t commit and has to appear in the court constantly for proving himself innocent, which he didn’t do yet. On the other hand, the girl is nowhere to be seen after destroying the life of Sarvjeet. No one can deny this fact that she has spoiled his image for the rest of his life and even though allegations against him are wrong, he will never be able to wash out the stains of defaming.

The most loathsome thing is that no significant action has been taken by the Indian judiciary system with regard to the case so far, which has finally left the man broken and hopeless.

Firstly, He had to wait for a long period of six months for the first hearing date, i.e., March 4, 2016, in Mahila Court Tis Hazari and since no conclusion could be made, he was given the second date which was June 7, 2016. After that, the judge was on leave and he got the next hearing date, i.e., November 21, 2016. Even in that hearing, no legal opinion came out and he was asked to appear in the court on February 13, 2017, and on this date too, nothing happened. Sarvjeet got one more date, i.e., March 4, 2017, and once again, he was given the next date which is April 17, 2017. Now it’s getting intolerable.

Have a look at the copies of FSL:

Now you can get the idea of the mental condition of Sarvjeet, from August 23, 2015, to April 17, 2017.It has been almost 20 months(1.5 years) and still no sufficient progress have been seen. However, the only difference is that Sarvjeet got the copies of Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). It took the court 1.5 years to give him the copies of FSL.

Let’s see what’s going to happen in next hearing?