No parties after 10 pm: Goa police pull the plug on nightlife


We told you how the death of nightlife is here for real. The Goa government has taken up the cudgels against its most prominent feature — its nightlife. If you still haven’t gotten over the recent ban on food, on what you must eat and how much you can eat, there’s more bad news for you. That Goa trip you’d booked for the next long weekend? Yeah, cancel that. It ain’t happening. The police are cracking down on late-night parties and musical events, which continue beyond the stipulated time of 10 pm with a heavy hand, director-general of police Muktesh Chander said on Friday.

The police have been instructed by chief minister Manohar Parrikar to strictly curb these ‘illegalities’, the top cop told the media. “He has already given instructions to curb all these illegal activities with a very heavy hand. There are already Supreme Court directions that no loud music can be played in an open area after 10 pm in the night,” Chander added.

Now, if you really didn’t know this, let’s reiterate it for you. Goa is one of the top beach and nightlife tourism destinations in the country and attracts more than four million tourists every year. Given the current scenario, it’s quite possible the government is ready to shut the door on those ‘unwanted’ tourists who want to party all night. Because why be happy in life, right?

Goa tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar told the press that tourists spoil the culture of the state. “Outsiders go berserk and create chaos after they drink. They ruin our culture, our Goenkarponn. Liquor and music is a part of our culture and it cannot be stopped just like that. Goans do not lose control when they drink alcohol. (People) would not even notice that a Goan is (under the influence). He will not misbehave (after drinking), or show (that he is drunk),” he said. Not kidding, he actually said that. Also, Read Former KKR cricketer Andre Russell inspired by Mallika Sherawat to enter Bollywood

Not sure if generalizations like that are going to reinstate Goan culture. But we’re sure of one thing: it’s time to say goodbye to nightlife for now.Also, Read WTF! An Adult Clip Was Played At Rajiv Chowk Metro Station!